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Smithstown Light Engineering, based in Shannon Ireland, is a second-generation indigenous Irish firm serving the top medical device and orthopaedic companies in the world.

Smithstown Light Engineering

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    The challenge facing Smithstown Light Engineering was they have 2 buildings approx. 1km apart in Shannon but they couldn’t find any company that could provide an internet connection to them. They also required quick installation as their business depends on sending large files between the 2 buildings. They contacted Helen Downes, Chief Executive of Shannon Chamber, to try find a solution to this. BBnet, being a Shannon
    Chamber member, was an ideal solution and Helen put both
    companies in contact.

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    BBnet were able to provide a dedicated wireless Internet
    connection to building A and then extend their LAN, by installing a
    10Gb point to point solution between building A and B. Both buildings are now receiving the same connection. The internet
    connection and point to point was completed by BBnet engineers using our own wireless
    infrastructure, meaning a quick turnaround which enabled the client to get up and running.

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    BBnet was able to deliver upon and within the client’s budgetary requirements. BBnet was delighted to be able to provide connectivity to a local business, all made possible by a close relationship with Shannon

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