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Point-to-Point Connections

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Secure connection always with BBnet

A point-to-point connection is used to securely connect two or more businesses or commercial properties. Ideal solution for companies with multiple offices or facilities that require seamless communication.


BBnet can provide point-to-point connections over fibre and wireless

Connect two or more business or commercial properties with a dedicated, high speed internet connection. This type of connection is often used by businesses who require high-performance, secure and reliable internet connectivity, between buildings. BBnet provide point-to-point connections via fibre or wireless, depending on distance. 

Dedicated internet connection

By utilising point to point connections between your business buildings, costs can be reduced significantly. Through one dedicated Internet connection, a shared extended LAN environment can be created between buildings and the one dedicated internet connection can be used to provide connectivity, to all buildings. 

Reduce connectivity costs

A wireless point-to-point connection works effectively where there are long distances between buildings. This is done without the need for laying physical cables and minimum disruptions. Point-to-point connections reduce interference, giving you a stable and reliable internet connection. BBnet can also connect multiple buildings with each other via fibre point to point, where ducting is in place and distance is short.

Long distance Reliability

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