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Wholesale Solutions

Partner with BBnet for reliable and cost-effective wholesale internet services.

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Fibre Wholesale Connectivity Solutions

Our fibre wholesale connectivity solutions offer high-speed and reliable internet connections for businesses.

Wireless Wholesale Connectivity Solutions

Experience the flexibility of our wireless wholesale connectivity solutions, ideal for businesses in remote locations.

BBnet's wholesale offering provides bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs. With our superior network infrastructure, you can trust us to deliver reliable and high-performance connectivity.

Superior Network Infrastructure: Powering BBnet's Wholesale Solutions

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 BBnet has years of experience in bringing fast fibre connectivity to enterprises and SMEs. We are partnered with all the major fibre providers, Enet, Open Eir, SIRO, NBI, and ESBT. We can offer bespoke packages designed to suit your business.

In areas of limited or non-existent connectivity or for failover purposes, BBnet can provide your business with Dedicated Wireless Connectivity, which can deliver symmetrical speeds between 1Gbps and 10Gbps via Wireless technology.

Dedicated Fibre and Wireless Backhaul
Internet brands

BBnet can offer you connectivity to all open access fibre networks in Ireland. 

This enables your company to offer FTTH services nationally under your own brand.

Fibre Wholesale
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BBnet gives you access to a pool of skilled and specialised professionals who can swiftly address customer concerns, troubleshoot technical issues, and provide effective solutions.

We can answer client's questions and resolve technical issues via phone and email on your behalf.

This leads to quicker problem resolution and frees up your internal resources to focus on core business functions.

Customer / Tech Support
Noc support

Outsourcing NOC services eliminates the need for substantial investments in infrastructure, technology, and skilled personnel.

BBnet will bring a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and help with issue resolution, which can significantly reduce downtime and enhance system reliability. This will enable you to focus on growing your business.

NOC Support
Wifi services

BBnet’s white-label managed WiFi services offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to provide seamless wireless solutions to their clients.

Your company can extend service offerings without needing in-house development or maintenance expertise.

BBnet will handle the whole process, including design, configuration, installation, future updates, and troubleshooting. This leads to improved network reliability and reduced downtime.

Managed WiFi / Services
Network design

BBnet brings expertise in creating efficient, scalable, and secure network architectures tailored to specific organisational needs.

Expert network design ensures that the network can accommodate future growth and technological advancements, promoting long-term sustainability.

Investing in network design services pays off by providing a resilient, adaptable, and secure technological infrastructure for sustained business success.

Network Design

BBnet can provide your business with two or more independent connections that automatically switch over if your primary connection is down. This can be done using two fibre connections or a mix of fibre, wireless and mobile.

BBnet has the capability and interconnectivity with various fibre and wireless networks, including Enet, Open Eir, SIRO, NBI, and ESBT. This enables the provision of diverse network access to your business.

Backup / Failover
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Our field engineers specialise in the installation and maintenance of antennas, towers, and other crucial equipment, ensuring optimal signal strength and network performance. Their expertise in safely navigating complex installations and managing hardware contributes to the reliability and efficiency of your network.

By leveraging BBnet’s services, your company can accelerate the wireless infrastructure deployment and minimise downtime.

Field Engineering

BBnet’s partnership with both GoTo Connect and 3CX, enables us to provide a highly professional telephony solution, so you can serve your customers and callers better, and help your business grow. From virtual receptionists and virtual voicemail to phone and video conferencing, and beyond, GoTo Connect and 3CX provides everything your team needs to do their best work and serve your callers professionally.

Telephone pole

In areas of limited or non-existent connectivity, BBnet can provide your business with Last-mile connectivity solutions utilising the latest innovations in wireless technology, which can deliver symmetrical speeds between 1Gbps and 10Gbps.

Project managment

By entrusting project management to BBnet, your company can benefit from the specialised skills and experience of professionals who oversee projects from initiation to completion. This approach ensures a more streamlined workflow, timely delivery of projects, and efficient resource utilisation.

This allows you to focus on core business functions while we take care of planning, coordination, and monitoring of projects.

Project Management
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