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BBnet Jet

Playing online games

Tired of waiting for fibre broadband?  

Talk to us about our high-speed fixed wireless services! ​ 


Fixed wireless broadband is an excellent solution for home connectivity due to its combination of high-speed internet access, quick deployment, and cost-effectiveness.  

Up to 100Mb download speeds available. No landline or underground cables required. Easy installation and setup. 


This solution provides a flexible and competitive alternative for home internet, catering to the modern demands of streaming, online gaming, video conferencing, and other bandwidth-intensive activities, making it an attractive choice for those seeking fast, reliable, and easily accessible broadband connectivity at home. 

Playing online games together
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BBnet Wireless Packages

BBnet Life


Up to 20Mb download

Up to 5Mb upload

20GB daily fair usage

€149 installation

18 month contract

Per Month

BBnet Jet


Up to 50Mb download

Up to 10Mb upload

30GB daily fair usage

€99 installation

18 month contract

Per Month

BBnet Jet+


Up to 100Mb download

Up to 20Mb upload

50GB daily fair usage

€99 installation

18 month contract

Per Month

  • How do I contact Sales / Accounts?
    Sales: Our sales office is open from 09.00 to 17.30 Monday to Thursday, and 09.00 to 17.00 on Friday. email : Tel : 061 512000 (Select Option 1) Accounts: Our Accounts team is available from 09.00 to 17.30 Monday to Thursday, and 09.00 to 17.00 on Friday. email : Tel : 061 512000 (Select Option 3)
  • Can I change the package I am on?
    You can change to a new package once the service is available to you. Any new pricing will be applied to your next bill. New products or services may be subject to a minimum contract period.
  • Is there a minimum contract period?
    Yes. Standard installations are subject to a 12- or 18-month contract period, unless otherwise agreed in advance. The contract period you have depends on which service you have. Once your contract period is up, your contract is automatically renewed but with a 30-day notice period for cancellation of your service. Your initial subscription includes the installation fee plus one month's subscription in advance. Monthly payments are by direct debit, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Can I setup / change a direct debit payment?
    Once we receive your signed contract, your monthly direct debit will be set up. Your direct debit will then be processed on or around the anniversary of your connection. If you need to change your direct debit details, you can do so by clicking on the link below. If you need to change any other details related to your account, please contact our accounts team on or at (061) 512000. Please click on the button below to submit your direct debit information.
  • What day does my direct debit go through?
    Generally, your direct debit will go through close to your installations date. Our billing is processed on the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st of each month, however due to bank holidays, weekends etc. these dates may vary. We cannot guarantee specific dates each month, however if you have specific requests in this regard, please contact us at and we will do our best to facilitate your needs.
  • What happens if my direct debit payment fails?
    If your direct debit fails, we will send a text message to the main mobile number on your account to make you aware. Failed direct debits will incur a €8 charge on top of their monthly payment, this must be paid in full by card payment over the phone. If a direct debit continuously fails, you will be contacted by BBnet and your service may be set to be automatically disconnected. NOTE : If the contact details on your account have changed since you signed up, you need to make us aware of your new contact details.
  • Can I pay by credit / debit card or cheque?
    Standard monthly payments are by direct debit only unless otherwise agreed. In such cases, payments can be made by debit/credit card or cheque but only for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. An administration fee will be applied for payments outside our direct debit process. (€3 up to a payment of €100 / €5 for payments above €100)
  • Why am I getting a message on my PC to contact BBnet?
    BBnet may block access to your internet service if any of the following instances occur : – Your direct debit payment has failed or your bank has instructed us that your direct debit mandate has been cancelled. – You have been issued an invoice and BBnet have not received payment within the required time. – For technical reasons such as usage that violates our terms and condition. – You have given us notice to terminate your account, and the notice period has expired. For billing issues, a reconnection fee of €10 will apply and reconnection can take up to 24 hours from receipt of payment.
  • If I buy other devices from BBnet, how do I pay for it?
    If you purchase a device from BBnet you can pay in the following methods: – through your normal direct debit as an additional cost. – by credit or debit card (administration fee applies) – by cash or cheque at a BBnet office. Payments for peripheral devices such as routers are due in full at the time of purchase. Payments cannot be spread over a period of months.
  • Why did I have to pay more this month?
    Generally, your BBnet bill should be the same every month. However, there are a few instances where extra charges may apply. Debit / Credit Card payment – €3 administration fee applies for amounts up to €100 and €5 for payments above €100. Failed Direct Debit payment – late charge of €8 per failed payment Reconnection charge for repeated failed payments – €10 Engineer Visits may be chargeable in the following instances: – No fault found / Fault is customers own issue – BBnet Equipment damaged, missing or tampered with – Storm damage or damage outside BBnet control.
  • How do I cancel my account?
    To cancel your account, you must have completed your initial contract period. Once you are out of contract, we require 30 days' notice to cancel your account. You can do this by calling our office on 061 512000 or by email. At the end of your notice period, the connection will be blocked, and we will organise to take away the equipment If you are still within your contract term, you may be liable for penalties for breaking the terms of that agreement. In this instance, please contact
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