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Failover Connectivity for your business

Today, businesses depend on uninterrupted internet connectivity to operate. For this reason, many businesses have a failover or back up connection in place. The primary connection is the main route for data traffic. The secondary connection (back up) kicks in should the primary connection face any downtime or disruptions.


We provide your business with two independent connections that can be automatically switched over if your main connection is down. This can be done using two fibre connections or a mix of fibre, wireless and mobile

BBnet has the capability and interconnectivity with various fibre and wireless networks. This enables the provision of diverse network access to your business.

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Failover Connectivity

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Key Features

In a business where the continuous operations of systems or processes are critical, a failure could have severe consequences. Having a failover in place minimises this risk. BBnet provides two independent connections using a fix of fibre, wireless and mobile. 

Critical redundancy

Investing in a failover connection will ensure that your business will remain online. Productivity is not affected should your main connection go down.

Eliminate downtime.

In the event the primary connection goes down or experiences disruptions, the secondary connection will automatically kick in without manual intervention. This will ensure minimal disruptions. 

Seamless switch over
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