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Ei Electronics

BBnet has a long-standing partnership with Ei Electronics, a local multinational specialising in residential fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Ei Electronics, also headquartered in Shannon, Co. Clare, relies on uninterrupted internet connectivity to support its operations.

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    Initially, Ei Electronics required a single 10Mb dedicated internet connection from BBnet. As they expanded, their connectivity needs grew. A reliable connection became crucial for their operational schedule, as any interruptions would directly affect their productivity and efficiency.

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    We provide Ei Electronics with a robust primary connection featuring 500Mb symmetrical bandwidth, via our partner Enet. Recognising the importance of uninterrupted connectivity, we also introduced a failover connection with 100Mb symmetrical bandwidth using our own fixed wireless technology. Our transmitter located in Shannon enabled rapid installation and these two independent circuits minimise downtime, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

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    BBnet’ s reliable and adaptable services ensure seamless operations for Ei Electronics. We now provide them with two independent circuits to ensure operational continuity and redundancy. Our tailored connectivity solutions and excellent customer support make us a trusted local provider.

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    “Ei Electronics are extremely happy with the service and support provided by BBnet. Their reliable and flexible solutions, including a robust primary connection and a failover connection, have ensured seamless operations for us at Ei Electronics. BBnet’ s excellent customer support and dedication to minimising downtime make them a trusted partner for our connectivity needs.” – Tina Talty, IT Manager Ei Electronics.

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