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Boost your Signal with Mobile Phone Repeaters!

Are you tired of dealing with poor mobile signals in your office or home?

Imagine you’re in the middle of an important call and suddenly the signal drops – not only are you disconnected but you are also frustrated. This is a common problem but with a reliable solution: BBnet’s Mobile Phone Repeaters.

At BBnet, we've worked with offices across Ireland that have struggled with poor mobile phone coverage, resulting in dropped calls and missed opportunities. But now, they enjoy seamless coverage across all networks.

How our Repeaters can improve your experience:

1. Improve Signal Strength

Our repeaters significantly enhance the signal strength within your building, ensuring crystal-clear calls and fast data speeds.

2. Eliminates Dead Zones

Say goodbye to dead zones! Our repeaters capture the external signal and amplify it to cover your entire building. Ideal for buildings with thick walls or in poor coverage locations.

3. Compatibility

Our repeaters are compatible with all networks!

4. Professional Installation

Our experienced team ensures top-notch installation, tailored to your building's unique needs.

5. COMREG Approved

Rest assured, our repeaters meet all EU standards for quality and safety.

6. Remote Monitoring

Our iRepeater models, with cloud monitor and control systems, enable remote performance monitoring and issue resolution, saving on-site visit expense.

Say hello to reliable signals and goodbye to communication headaches. Don't let poor mobile coverage hold you back—contact us today to boost your signal and enhance productivity!

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