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Thrilled to announce our partnership with VendiaNet.

VendiaNet are a new Service Provider in Denmark who launched services in 2023 in partnership with BBnet. VendiaNet identified a huge gap in rural Denmark where reliable high-speed Internet connectivity was not available and reached out to BBnet to assist with this venture.


Our CEO, Gurmukh Neote, worked closely with Ulrik Høy-Petersen, CEO of VendiaNet, designing and planning a solution that allows VendiaNet to rapidly scale reliably to the demand once launched.


As a result, BBnet designed and built the VendiaNet core network and subsequently in December 2023 completed the first high site installation in Rudkoebing. BBnet's team also trained their engineers and installers to be self-capable for completion of customer connections.


We are delighted to have been part of this project and see their first customers successfully installed.


A huge thanks to the BBnet on-site and back-office Teams as it's the coordinated effort of the entire BBnet Team that helps us deliver such projects.


Thank you to VendiaNet for entrusting us with this and we look forward to working with you to continuously grow your reach.

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