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BBnet partnership with Prowinet


BBnet are thrilled to announce that we recently formed a strategic partnership with our sister company, ProWinet, which allows us to significantly expand the range of services we offer and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

As part of this collaboration, we are now able to offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater to all your network needs.

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Some key highlights of our extended offerings include:

  • National Internet Connectivity

Benefit from fast and reliable internet connectivity alongside a failover connection to keep your network running when you need it.

  • Hospitality IPTV & Casting

The latest in interactive IPTV and casting technologies allowing users to watch online content without any GDPR issues.

  • Mobile Phone Coverage solutions

Enhanced mobile phone coverage throughout your property using our Irish ComReg licenced mobile phone repeaters.

  • Latest Wi-Fi Implementation

Upgrade your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to the latest WiFi6e technology.

  • IoT Coverage Solutions

Provide full Zigbee coverage throughout your property to enable use of IoT devices.

  • Wi-Fi Intelligence

A whole suite a data available from your Wi-Fi network allowing you to analyse and monetise

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your Wi-Fi infrastructure investment.

  • Comprehensive Network Support

We have expanded our support team to include BBnet with its Network Operations Centre

monitoring your networks and giving you access to our professional team.

BBnet are confident this partnership will be a win-win for all our clients.

We would be delighted to meet and discuss these options with any existing or new clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or +353 61 512 000.



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