BBnet Life
Fixed Wireless Broadband
Per Month
Up to 20Mb download
Up to 5Mb upload
20GB daily fair usage
€149 installation
18 month contract
BBnet Jet
Fixed Wireless Broadband
Per Month
Up to 50Mb download
Up to 10Mb upload
30GB daily fair usage
€99 installation
18 month contract
BBnet Jet+
Fixed Wireless Broadband
Per Month
Up to 100Mb download
Up to 20Mb upload
50GB daily fair usage
€99 installation
18 month contract

Things you should know!

  • All new installations are subject to a site survey of your premises (a cost of €30 will apply for successful surveys where installations do not proceed)
  • There is no charge for a site survey where service cannot be provided or signal test fails.
  • Services available are dependent on signal strength, quality and distance from the transmitter.
  • You may be offered an alternative service package depending on your location and/or results of signal test
  • Direct line of sight to the transmitter is required.
  • Installation requires the placement of a subscriber unit externally on your premises.
  • All connections are based on a minimum contract term (unless otherwise agreed).
  • Standard Installation assumes 2 hours on site, with standard equipment and 20 meters cable length.
  • Installation fee and first month rental is payable upon successful installation.
  • Monthly payment is by direct debit, unless otherwise agreed in advance
  • All fixed wireless connections are subject to BBnet Fair Usage policy. Traffic is counted between 08.00 and 00.00 daily only.
  • Fair usage amounts are specific to the package you are on
  • Speeds may be impacted until midnight if you exceed your daily fair usage amount.
  • We do not charge customers for exceeding daily fair usage.
  • The above packages are for residential home users. Business using the above services are subject to the above pricing plus VAT.


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