Wifi coverage in your home!

Wi-fi coverage is becoming more and more important for homes and businesses. Unfortunately, having a standard wi-fi router in your home is no guarantee that all areas of the home will have a good signal. There are many reasons this can happen:

  • Standard wireless routers, generally have a maximum range of 10-15 meters. This is often reduced due to things like, concrete floors, stone walls or an old and new part to the house.
  • Old Stone buildings, or buildings with mass concrete floors/walls are difficult to cover and may need additional equipment to boost the signal.
  • Wireless interference from other devices (Baby monitors, TV Senders, CCTV systems or wireless alarms for example), can cause interference on a wireless signal.
  • Homes with an extension or old and new part to their home, are unlikely to have good wifi coverage in both areas..

Customers are best advised to locate their wireless router somewhere central in the house, to give the best coverage. However, if you are having issues with wi-fi coverage in your house/office, contact us here and we can offer some solutions that may help!

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