At BBnet, we have over 10  year’s experience in the telecommunications industry. We provide dedicated Fibre, wireless and broadband network services alongside Hosted Telephony and VOIP services to businesses Nationwide and Internationally.

BBnet ICP Enterprise, powered by an Intelligent Communications Platform (ICP) is a feature-rich, software-based unified communications and business communications software suite.  Scalable for businesses of all sizes, it boasts a robust, IP-based, highly secure distributed architecture and is available as an on-premise, hosted cloud based or hybrid solution



The system supports a full Unified Communications feature set incorporating fixed line and mobile Voice, Video, IM, Presence, eMail Fax and Social Media, with most features available “out of the box” on a simple licensing model.

  • Unified messaging to integrate and deliver voice, fax, email and IM to an email inbox.
  • Audio conferencing for scheduled or ad-hoc collaborative communications, even across distributed sites.
  • Call recording capabilities for segmented workgroups within the enterprise.
  • Mobile worker integration through a softphone application from geographical dispersed locations or home office environments.
  • Auto-attendant and automatic call distribution to streamline inbound call flow.
  • Powerful reporting with a user-friendly GUI for real time and historic call and user details.
  • Follow Me functions allow automatic call forwarding from desk phone to mobile or softphone and in reverse


BBnet ICP Enterprise offers a feature-rich, scalable and flexible, on-premise or cloud hosted business communications solution.
It is one of the most advanced telephony platforms on the market complemented by a wide range of productivity tools that streamline communications, boost employee productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.
The system scales from small business right up to large enterprise deployments. the flexibility and dynamic design ensures it grows with your business over time, avoiding expensive forklift upgrades and protecting investment.
Its open design architecture and standards-based support translates into a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in terms of deployment, operation and on-going administration and maintenance.



  • A Robust design and investment protection based on IP and open standards. 
  • Full scalability for businesses of all sizes – from SME right up to large enterprise. 
  • Empowers employees and boosts productivity with multimedia and location-independent communications tools. 
  • Feature-rich customer experience out of the box. 
  • Simple, transparent licensing model which reduces costs. 
  • Installs quickly and easily with in-built system management. 
  • Low on-going total cost of ownership. 
  • Available as an ‘On Premise’ appliance, Cloud-based hosted service or Hybrid deployment 


With an open API, the system facilitates easy bi-directional communications with many existing well-known third party applications such as CRM, ERP, presence, mail and messaging systems, reporting, billing and specialist contact centre, telephony and multi-media conferencing systems.
Our open standards approach and ease of integration also allows for smooth transition from your existing legacy systems or to maintain a dual system approach to utilise the best features and capabilities of the BBnet ICP Enterprise solution along with key features of your existing or new third party niche systems.
Third party integration is supported via embedded URL launching, Jabber, XML and many other well-known protocols and scripting languages.
Hard coded specialist integration is also available via our software development teams.



As BBnet ICP Enterprise is an open standards system based on VoIP / SIP protocols, customers can protect their previous investments and, in many cases, re-use existing VoIP handsets (depending on make, model and software version) meaning the only additional investment is for the main BBnet ICP core platform itself.

Sample 3rd party systems integration modules include the following:

  1. AffinIT iDQ Portal
  2. IEX TotalView
  3. Softex RingMaster
  4. Avaya Voice Portal
  5. Siemens HiPath
  6. Active Xperts
  7. SugarCRM
  8. com
  9. MS Outlook
  10. MS Lync


We work closely with many world-leading manufacturers of handsets, video end points, voice gateways and unified communications systems to ensure system compatibility and deep integration is implementable in a quick and efficient manner.



Voice-related hacking and fraud is as prevalent as the more publicised data-related network breaches.
BBnet ICP Enterprise is built with high levels of embedded security at all levels within the system. Hardened OS and kernel systems, locked down communications ports and the ability to run every voice call between a handset and the central processing system in a fully encrypted tunnel are all elements designed to keep your calls and communications as safe as possible from eavesdroppers, hackers and fraudsters alike.

 Our soft switch can be programmed with an auto renewable credit limit enforcing call blocking once the value of calls exceeds an agreed limit with the customer – this ensures that, even in the unlikely event that your network and telephony system is hacked, the attacker cannot run up huge call forwarding bills as would be the case with other PBX and IP Telephony systems.

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