BBnet brings FibreAir service to Ennis

Business customer demand in Ennis for a quality internet connection that offers greater upload speed at an affordable price led to the extension of the product roll-out.  Backhauled onto its existing Tier1 Fibre network at Westpark Business Campus in Shannon, the FibreAir service offers businesses secure internet connections with scalable bandwidths from 10Mb up to 100Mb, a dedicated service to each customer with no sharing of bandwidths, and a fully synchronous service with the same upload and download. The Official Launch of BBnet’s FibreAir product will take place on Friday, the 30th of March from 8.15am-9.30am in the Temple Gate Hotel, O’Connell Square, Ennis.  All businesses interested in learning more about the service are welcome to attend this free event.  In addition to the launch of the service, BBnet have lined up two exciting and impressive speakers for the benefit of businesses; John Page of DELL Computers will present some case studies on applications of Cloud Computing while Mark Scanlon, CEO of Sourcedogg.com in Galway will present an informative presentation on developing a new business, based entirely in the Cloud. Speaking ahead of the launch, BBnet Managing Director Barry O’Halloran said: “The provision of competitively priced, high capacity, bandwidth which is totally independent of the incumbent provider’s network and infrastructure, will greatly assist companies that are migrating to cloud computing and that need greater upload speed.  With more and more video conferencing applications and remote connectivity being used within the business setting, to and from headquarters, there is a widespread interest in upgrading to higher-speed services.  Using a combination of fibre and the latest wireless technologies, this new service will facilitate the migration to higher capacity services and accelerate the migration from copper-based networks.”

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