How do I contact BBnet?
Technical Support is available from 08.30 to 18.00 Monday to Thursday and 17.30 on Friday
email : support@bbnet.ie
Tel :  061 512000 (Select Option 2)
Our sales office is open from 09.00 to 17.30 Monday to Friday
email : sales@bbnet.ie
Tel : 061 512000  (Select Option 1)
Our Accounts team is available from 09.00 to 17.30 daily.
email : accounts@bbnet.ie
Tel : 061 512000 (Select Option 3)

If you cannot get online, there are  few things you should do :
Reboot! – As obvious as it sounds, it can be just the right move to get back online. Fully power off your pc, laptop, tablet etc and restart, then try again.
Check your connections – Ensure that you are connected correctly. Cables can sometimes get dislodged and this may be causing your issue. Check your BBnet connections here!
Power – check that there is power going to all devices. There should be a green light on the poe adapter and should be several lights active on your router..
Restart BBnet equipment – Your poe adapter and wireless router should be powered off for 5-10 seconds and then restarted. It can take up to 2 minutes for this equipment to reconnect so be patient! Then restart your computer and try again.
Ensure wifi is on- Quite a common reason for not getting online is that the wireless connection on your device is switched off. Some laptops have a little switch or key on the keyboard to turn this on and off. All mobile devices have wireless settings which should be checked and switched on.
Bypass Wifi – Plug the cable out from the blue port on the back of your wireless router and connect directly to a pc of laptop to test if you have connection
If you still cannot get online, please call support on 061 512000.
Telephone Support is available
08.30 – 18.00 Monday to Thursday
08.30 – 17.30 Fridays

Generally the cables that form your BBnet connection should not be moved, or changed around. We do realise that sometimes this is inevitable but this guide should help you to reconnect your BBnet connection.
It is a good idea to print this off for your own reference!
Click here for guide to BBnet connections
Please note : If your wireless router was not supplied by BBnet, you will need to contact your supplier or the manufacturer for guidelines on how this should be connected.

If your wireless router was supplied by BBnet Broadband, details of your wireless network should be labelled on the router as show in the image below.  This applies to TP-link router supplied by BBnet.
For any other router type supplied by BBnet, please contact our support team on 061 51200 (select option 2).
If you are using a wireless router not supplied by BBnet, then please contact your supplier or whoever configured the router for you.

The speed of your connection will depend on a few factors:
– The package you are subscribed to. For example ,  on the Home Value package, users will have a maximum download speed of 3mb and a maximum upload of 512k . You can check which package you are subscribed to by emailing us 
– The number of devices – The more devices that are connected to the internet at any one time, the more you are splitting the bandwidth to each device so the less each user will get!
– Time of day – BBnet provides a contended service to its wireless customers. i.e. it is shared. At peak time, there is increased demand from all internet users and as a result services can be slightly slower during these times.  Peak time is generally between 6pm – 11pm.
– Fair usage – BBnet operate a daily fair usage policy on customer connections. If you download above what is considered fair usage, the speed of your connection will be automatically reduced for the remainder of the day.  It will reset itself at the end of the day. BBnet fair usage policy can be viewed here. You can also find out the fair usage amount for your package by emailing us here
– Your own equipment! – The performance of your pc, laptop or tablet may be slow and this will effect the performance of your browsing experience. We would also advise all customers to have a valid up to date anti-virus program on all their devices.

BBnet packages are essentially unlimited. However, in the interests of all our customers we do operate a fair usage policy on our connections. You can view our acceptable usage policy here
Standard wireless packages have daily fair usage amounts, representing combined upload and download daily  traffic

If your overall traffic exceeds these amounts on any day, the system will automatically reduce the speed of your connection for the remainder of that day. You can still continue to traffic, but it will be at a reduced speed. This resets at the end of the day
To find out more about our fair usage policies or your usage, call us on 061 512000 or email us

No – we do not charge extra if you download too much. The worst that will happen is that the speed of your connection may be reduced, for the remainder of that day. Your bill should be the same amount every month.

Customers are provided with a standard wireless router. the average range of these routers is approximately 10-15meters from the router so we cannot guranteee that all premises will have full wifi coverage.
Wifi coverage can be reduced by mass concrete floors, old stone walls, local interference and even some types of insulation. If you have a large house, you may need more than one wireless access point or other solution to give the wifi coverage you need.
For advice on wireless coverage in your home, talk to our sales team on 061 512000 or email us here for more information

Customers using BBnet need to use our outgoing mail server for outgoing email traffic.
Users should set this in the server settings for your email account on your email program( Outlook, Windows Mail,  Apple Mail etc)
The outgoing email server or smtp server is relay1.bbnet.ie
Outgoing port is : 25
SSL should be disabled for outgoing SMTP

BBNET customers should use the following server address : relay1.bbnet.ie.
Outgoing Port should be set to 25, and SSL should be disabled for outgoing SMTP

With the rollout of BBnet’s next generation network continuing, we can now offer telephony services to customers in some areas.
To find out more about our phone service, call us on 061 512000 or email sales here.

By default, no!. We do not give administration passwords for wireless routers to customers.
For applications where port forwarding or other settings are a concern, you will need a static IP address and admin passwords for routers will be issued.
Any router that has been reconfigured, reset or has had settings changed, will not be covered by BBnet warranty and there may be a charge for a service call to resolve any issues.
If you are having problems with your router or wish to talk about settings, please contact support

We do not issue static IP addresses unless requested. Customers may have a specific requirement for a static address, in which case it will be issued from our office on request. Common reasons for needing a static Ip is for a DVR, CCTV, gaming or applications where port forwarding may be required.
There is a one off charge of €100 for the ip address chargeable on issue.
To find out more about static ip addressing, get in touch!

As much as possible, BBnet try to inform customers 24 hours in advance of any planned downtime. This is sent to the primary contact e-mail address. If you are not receiving these notifications, it is likely we do not have a valid email address for you and you should send us your new email address.

When video sites buffer (seen by the user as stuttering, pausing or stalling) it can be frustrating as it interrupts the user experience. Often, rebooting all of your equipment can help
However you should keep in mind the following :
– how many people are using the same internet connection at the same time? the more people sharing the connection, the less bandwidth each device is going to get.
– the performance of your PC/Laptop/Tablet may be affecting video streaming. Older devices can struggle with new media.
– Ensure that your anti virus program is up to date. If you have picked up some malware on a device it can cause problems with your device and the performance of applications.
-If you stream a lot of video, you may have exceeded your daily fair usage amount. In this case the bandwidth available to you can be reduced.
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