Mobile Phone Repeater

Do you struggle to get mobile phone coverage in your office or hotel? Mobile phone repeaters can solve all these issues by boosting and enhancing the mobile phone signal inside your building. BBnet can provide, install and manage mobile phone signal boosters, improving connectivity in various types of buildings, including homes, offices, warehouses, and other commercial spaces.

BBnet supply and install mobile phone repeater equipment manufactured in Ireland by Stella Doradus. All Stella Doradus  equipment is compliant with Irish and EU regulations.

BBnet can provide the following services in relation to Mobile Phone Repeaters

Professional Site Survey – Many modern buildings are built highly insulated and reinforced, the down side is poor mobile phone coverage indoors. We can measure the internal and external signals and recommend the correct solution.

Professional installation – We have many years of experience working in hospitality, industrial and domestic environments installing to the highest standards.

Remote system performance monitoring – With Stella Doradus iRepeaters, we have the ability to remotely view system function and performance, which allows us to fix issues without traveling to the site.


iRepeater – Commercial Grade cellular repeater with cloud monitoring

Solutions for Hotels, Manufacturing, Retails, Healthcare, Campus, Office, Underground Carparks & Home.

Contact us today and ask about our OPEX & CAPEX solutions.

Reasons to use BBnet to provide and install a commercial grade cellular repeater system

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