My internet is slow…

One of the most common complaints we or many other internet service providers will hear!  There can be a technical issue with your connection, which we can address if needed, however there are many other reasons a connection can seem slow. Here are some of the most common things you should be aware of.

1 – Package Speed

There are a variety of packages being used by BBnet customers. This largely depends on what type of connection you are using, which transmitter you are connected to and what you are paying monthly. Customers should note that this is the maximum speed coming into your home, and may vary, especially at peak usage time (generally 5-11pm daily). It also should be noted that it is shared among all users and devices within your home or office network and does not mean that you will get 3 or 4Mb to each device.
Different applications online will also require varying levels of speed and consume various levels of speed and data. These are discussed in more details below.

For more information on your current package or alternative packages available to you, please contact us on 061 512000 or email support@bbnet.ie

2 – Number of Users and Devices

Put simply, the more users or the more devices you have in your home, the slower each device will be.
If you have a home with a 4Mb maximum speed, and you have 6 users trying to stream video, use social networks and game online at the same time, someone will suffer. In this case, probably everyone will suffer. There is a limit to what you can do with the connection you have, too many devices, or one or more devices using heavy internet applications can cause problems for everyone else.
Websites and more so online applications will have a minimum system requirement..i.e. your computer, tablet or phone needs to have enough power to run the application smoothly. Both of these are important. A computer that is 5 years old or sometimes less, may not be able to handle the online applications of todays world. If your device is not up to the task, or there is a problem with the device,  it is irrelevant how quick your internet connection is.
More information on the minimum requirements of popular websites and applications can be found by clicking here

3 – Wireless Interference :

Wireless interference in the home or outside it can also affect the speed of your internet connection. This could be as simple as next doors wireless router being on a similar channel, or it could be a farmer close by using a wireless camera system. These can all have an effect on the overall quality and speed of your internet connection. Baby monitors, microwave ovens, TV Senders are just some examples of sources of wireless interference. A very good article on this featured in UK Newspaper The Guardian at the beginning of December. You can read it by clicking here.
Other factors such as distance from the wireless router, stone walls, concrete floors can also affect wireless coverage in the home. We discussed this in more detail here

4 – Usage :

Your internet connection works in 2 directions. Either you are sending traffic ( upload) or receiving traffic ( download).
If the maximum available speed in either direction  is maxed out or completely used by the devices you have connected, or the applications you are running, then this will cause problems with speed on other devices. If heavy traffic is sustained for a period of time, either upload or download this can cause problems with fair usage on your connection. This is explained in further detail by clicking here.
If you are having problems with internet speeds, or feel things are not working the way they should, please give us a call on 061 512000 or email us at support@bbnet.ie  and we will do our best to help.

How to measure your internet speed :

We ask customers not to use a speedtest app on phones, tablets or other mobile devices.
A laptop or PC should be connected to the main internet connection only and not through any wireless router. http://speedtest.net is the recommended website for testing your internet connection..
For BBnet customers, you should power off your BBnet wireless router by taking the power lead out of the back of the router.
The cable that is plugged into the blue port on the back of the router, is your main internet connection.  This should be connected directly to the Ethernet port on your PC or laptop( generally on the side or back of your computer)
Once this cable is in place, please restart your computer. When fully restarted, please go to http://speedtest.net/ only.
When the page is fully loaded, you will see a map of the UK and Ireland, as below.
Please click on “Begin Test” and wait for the test to complete. This will give you a result for download / upload and ping as shown below.
This is the current speed of the internet connection coming into the house.

If you continue to have issues with your broadband speed, or if you want to change package, please give us a call on  061 512000 or email us at support@bbnet.ie 



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