gigabit fibre power
No limits, No gimmicks
superfast fibre to your home
for the same price every month!
GoFibre ( VDSL)
Fibre to the Cabinet
per month

Up to 100Mb download

Up to 20Mb upload

€50 activation fee

12 month contract

100% unlimited

GoFibre+ 150
Fibre to the Home
per month

Up to 150Mb download

Up to 30Mb upload

€99 installation

18 month contract

100% unlimited

GoFibre+ 500
Fibre to the Home
per month

Up to 500Mb download

Up to 50Mb upload

€49 installation

18 month contract

100% unlimited

GoFibre+ 1GB
Fibre to the Home
per month

Up to 1Gb download

Up to 100Mb upload

€49 installation

18 month contract

100% unlimited

Things you should know!

GoFibre and GoFibre+ products are subject to availability, and this is largely determined by your location.
GoFibre+ is delivered directly by Fibre to the Home and is currently mostly available in rural areas. If you send us your Eircode, we can check availability for you. If your home qualifies for Fibre to the home, the packages we deliver are up to 150Mb, 500Mb and 1 Gb. Once your home qualifies, any of these are available to you.
GoFibre or VDSL is generally delivered over fibre to the local exchange, and then uses the copper lines to deliver to your home. If your local exchange is enabled for VDSL, the speed of the connection will be determined by the distance the copper line runs to your home. We can give an estimate of the maximum speed available.

Both GoFibre and GoFibre+ will require a cable into the home. This may be delivered through pre-existing ducting from the road to the inside of your home, or may be delivered by cable over the air (from pole to the home) For any GoFibre installation, the first visit to your home is always treated as a survey. If it can be installed on the day, it will be. However from time to time, the installer may not be able to install the product unless certain actions are taken by you, the customer. These could include but are not limited to clearing blocked ducts, trimming hedging or trees or clearing an access route. The installer that visits your home will advise if this is the case, and installation will be rescheduled once any remedial action is completed,.

Current lead times for Gofibre installations is approximately 3 business days after it has been ordered. Once the installation has been completed, we will send you your BBnet modem, your service contract and direct debit mandate. On receipt of your modem, you will need to call BBnet support to activate your service.
You also need to return your service contract and banking information to us within 7 days.

Yes, When we say no limits, we mean it. Our fibre products are completely unlimited. While our wireless products are subject to a daily fair usage policy we do not apply this to fibre installations.

Yes, the price you sign up for is the price you pay. However, there are a small number of exceptions. For example, If your direct debit fails, there will be a charge of €8 to cover charges incurred by us from the bank. If you fail to pay on consecutive months and your service is disconnected, you will be charged an administration fee of €10 to reconnect.

Additional peripheral equipment such as Wireless Mesh units, or access points may be applied to your direct debit, but only on your agreed instuction.

These types of charges are in line with our standard terms and conditions and our tarrif and rate card which you can view here

Prices listed above are valid for any new connections from 22nd July 2020. This applies to new BBnet customers,customers upgrading from one of our fixed wireless services or customers transferring from a different provider.

If you are currently connected to GoFibre, you can avail of any new offers or pricing at the end of your current contract term.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100%  Wi-fi coverage in any home and you should note that broadband and wi-fi are two very separate things.. A standard modem will give approximately 12-15 meters coverage from the modem. However this can be reduced by environmental factors such as very thick stone walls, concrete floors between upstairs and downstairs, an old home with an extension, certain types of insulation etc.Wi-fi is also susceptible to interference from equipment like baby monitors, wireless CCTV systems, TV signal repeaters etc. It is also very dependant on your device and its specification.

However, we can provide solutions and/or advice for larger or difficult to cover homes such as additional access points or wireless mesh systems that will make things a whole lot smoother. These can incur an additional once off cost.

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