FibreAir enables business customers to take advantage of dedicated, uncontended internet connections  up to 1Gb in a cost effective manner. Utilising the latest Fibre or fixed wireless technology, BBnet offer businesses secure internet connections with the following features:

  • Scalable bandwidths up to 1Gb fully synchronous
  • Uncontended service therefore no sharing of  bandwidth – it’s dedicated to your business only
  • Fully synchronous service –same upload & download
  • Backhauled onto tier1 Fibre network
  • Business Class Service Level Agreement
  • Competitvely priced
  • High bandwidth, cost effective replacement for leased lines



Fibre Connections

BBnet as an authorised internet services provider can now offer broadband and other telecoms services on the Metropolitan Area Networks and on the Next Generation Fibre Network. A direct fibre connection can provide your business with a number of unique benefits:

  • Fibre not copper – fibre is accepted as the most effective, secure, flexible and resilient medium for the delivery of today’s state of the art business enabling applications
  • Fully synchronous
  • Increased range of products and services
  • Reduced bandwidth costs
  • Any bandwidth at any time
  • Scalable solutions
  • New standards in service and resilience backed by world class SLA’s
  • Reduced risk of service interruption


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