BBnet ICP SoftSwitch, powered by an Intelligent Communications Platform (ICP), is a robust, stand-alone, high capacity call termination solution, based on native IP and traditional PSTN & ISDN. By leveraging existing IP network capacity, customers can slash the cost of outbound call rates for local, national, international, mobile and even premium rate calls


fully flexible connectivity

BBnet ICP SoftSwitch is built to support public (Internet) or secure private IP connections using the SIP protocol or via more traditional analogue PSTN or digital ISDN basic rate/primary rate connections.
This ensures full support and compatibility with virtually any make or model of on-premise telephone system (PABX or key system) or head end equipment, whether it is natively IP / SIP enabled or not and regardless of its age


significant cost savings

BBnet ICP SoftSwitch provides robust intelligence for establishing, maintaining, routing, and terminating voice calls. It services as a powerful voice gateway, which leverages the power of your existing IP network capacity while seamlessly migrating traffic to traditional circuit-switched (PSTN/ISDN) and other IP infrastructures – all without large-scale capital expenditure or provisioning additional PSTN or ISDN lines.
Thanks to the best volume discounts from multiple global Tier 1 carriers, we can offer you significant reductions in outbound and high volume inbound call rates to and from all major destinations including local, national, international, mobile, 18xx and even premium rate services such as directory enquiries services


key benefits

  • Achieve significant reductions in telecoms costs for local, national, international, mobile and even premium rate calls.
  • Leverage existing IP network capacity without the need for large-scale investment or provisioning of additional, expensive PSTN or ISDN lines.
  • Full flexibility in connectivity medium and Supports VoIP / SIP trunks to Any brand of Telephone system including Microsoft Lync
  • Robust design and high availability with connectivity to multiple Tier 1 global carriers in secure data centre facilities.
  • Bring your own number” capability with seamless porting to our BBnet ICP SoftSwitch
  • Full inbound / outbound number routing and new number provisioning.
  • Immediate transparency on costs with powerful web-based administration, configuration and reporting.

robust design, high availability

BBnet ICP SoftSwitch is built on a resilient hardware platform, which connects to multiple Tier 1 global carriers in secure datacentre facilities.  This enhances service availability, reliability and routing options. Core links are pro-actively monitored on a 24x7x365 basis for any connectivity issues or signs of congestion and appropriate rerouting is initiated, if required, to ensure dial tone is always available.


number porting

“Bring Your Own Number” ensures that any existing customer-assigned number range can be seamlessly ‘ported’ to the BBnet ICP SoftSwitch.  Additional numbers or blocks of Geographical & Non-Geographical numbers can be assigned locally, nationally or internationally.


administration and billing

Our systems are fully web based for easy administration and configuration. We can quickly amend customer details, apply new rate sheets, assign new number ranges, change dial plans or implement customer control and security policy such as restricted destination dialing.
User accounts can be implemented based on a Prepaid or Postpaid model coupled with ‘PIN’ based access if required to control and track individual user access.  Full prepaid/postpaid account tracking is available. Calls can be billed on a per second basis.
Secure web-based portal access facilitates detailed and customized reporting.

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