Billing and Administration Charges
Failed Direct Debit Failed direct debit mandates presented to bank €8 per failed payment
Payment Re-connection Charge Where a monthly payment has been missed on two or more consecutive months and service has been blocked by BBnet, a reconnection charge of €10 will apply and is payable with the balance owed, prior to reactivation of services. €10 re-connection
Account reactivation Where an account has been dormant or cancelled, an administration charge will apply for account reactivation, subject to inspection of equipment and/or signal levels. In cases where equipment is deemed redundant or is no longer supported, full re-installation may be required and relevant charges as indicated will apply. €10 re-connection
Non-direct debit payments (administration charge) BBnet standard billing is by direct debit mandate. Where a direct debit mandate is not supplied or in cases where payment is outside the direct debit process, payment may be made by credit or debit card but is subject to an administration charge per card transaction €3 per transaction


Peripheral Devices and Other Charges
Site Survey Installation surveys which fail or are successfully installed. Free
Installation surveys that are successful, but installation does not proceed. € 30
Wi-Fi / Cable survey Survey of premises for additional cable or Wi-Fi coverage works € 30
Non Standard Installation       (fixed wireless) Installation work over 2 hours, exceeding 20meters of cable or the use of non standard equipment € 199
Out of warranty Service call Equipment damage, storm damage, theft or removal of equipment € 70
Move Connection Premises move for fixed wireless connections (subject to survey) € 70
Return of Equipment Deinstall and return of BBnet equipment within 14-day cooling off period € 70
Static IP Address Per I.P Address €7.50 per month
Wireless Router (Standard Replacement) Tp-link 841 or equivalent, configured (delivered by courier) € 50
Wireless Mesh Mw3 Tenda Wireless Mesh kit ( delivered by courier) € 150
Wireless Mesh Mw6 Tenda Wireless Mesh kit ( delivered by courier) € 220
Wireless Mesh Mw3 Tenda Wireless Mesh kit ( installed by BBnet) € 180
Wireless Mesh Mw6 Tenda Wireless Mesh kit ( installed by BBnet) € 250
Ceiling mounted                   Wireless Access Point Mikrotik WAP or equivalent installed on premise € 200
Desktop Wireless access point TP-link 701 or equivalent (delivered by courier) € 50
Desktop Switch Mikrotik 260GS or equivalent ( delivered by courier) € 50
Internal Cabling Subect to site survey and quotation prior to works. €70 per hour


Standard Broadband Packages
Product Technology Standard Contract Term Speeds Fair Usage* Monthly Installation / activation fee
(Maximum) (Daily) (€) (€)
BBnet Jet Fixed Wireless 18 50Mb download 30GB € 45 € 99
10Mb upload
BBnet Jet+ Fixed Wireless 18 100Mb download 50GB € 55 € 99
20Mb upload
BBnet Life Fixed Wireless 18 20Mb download 20GB € 35 € 149
5 Mb Upload
BBnet GoFibre VDSL 12 100Mb download Unlimited €48 € 50
20Mb upload
BBnet GoFibre+ 150 Fibre to the Home 18 150Mb download Unlimited €50 € 99
30Mb upload
BBnet GoFibre+ 300 Fibre  to the Home 18 500Mb download Unlimited €55 € 49
50Mb upload
BBnet GoFibre+ 1Gb Fibre to the Home 18 1000Mb download Unlimited €65 € 49
100Mb upload
BBnet Home Value Fixed Wireless 12 3Mb download 5Gb € 35 € 99
512k upload
BBnet Home Plus Fixed Wireless 12 4Mb download 10Gb € 35 € 99
1Mb upload
BBnet Connect Fixed Wireless 12 4Mb download 5Gb € 35 € 99
1Mb upload
BBnet Connect Plus Fixed Wireless 12 8Mb download 10Gb € 45 € 99
1Mb upload
* – Daily fair usage amounts are specific to the package you are subscribed to and are monitored between 08.00 and 00.00 daily. There are no charges for exceeding daily fair usage however the speed of your connection may be impacted until midnight
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