Located out of Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland, we are a small but mighty team of people who are simply passionate about connectivity. You can say providing connectivity solutions to businesses is not just a day job for the BBnet team, but it’s our drive and passion. And it is this drive and passion which has influenced BBnet to change the game of business connectivity, period.

How have we changed the game? We’ve been around for a long time, since 2001 in fact, offering wireless broadband solutions to homes and businesses long before others had. We changed the game for wireless broadband back in 2001 and we’re changing the game for customized internet connectivity solutions for businesses now embracing all connectivity options, FIBRE & Wireless.

You see, the world of internet connectivity is a fast-paced and ever-changing world. And what we do best is to ensure we are ten steps ahead of the latest technology ensuring our clients have the best of the best solutions for their business. It’s no wonder why BBnet is the leading provider of internet and voice solutions.

BBnet ICP Enterprise, powered by an Intelligent Communications Platform (ICP) is a feature-rich, software-based unified communications and business communications software suite.  Scalable for businesses of all sizes, it boasts a robust, IP-based, highly secure distributed architecture and is available as an on-premise, hosted cloud based or hybrid solution

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