7 steps to get you back online

7 steps to get you back online

If you can’t connect to the internet it could be caused by a simple issue. These are our top tips to get you back online.

  1. Power – when plugged into a power socket there should be a solid green light on the POE adapter (black plug) as shown below.
  2. Router – check that your router is powered on. When powered on the router will have several lights working on it.
  3. Check the connections – Please check all connections as shown in the below image. There will be 2 cables connected into your POE plug. The cable from the antenna outside the building should be connected into the port labelled POE and the cable from the router should be connected into the port labelled LAN. On the router, the cable from your POE plug should be connected to the blue coloured port on the back of a BBnet provided router.
  4. Check the device is connecting to the network – the majority of the time your device (PC, laptop, tablet etc.) will connect to the internet automatically, however, if it doesn’t you will have to connect to the network again. When connecting to your network, make sure you are using the correct password.
  5. Reboot – fully power off your device and restart it.
  6. Restart the equipment – plug out the POE adapter from the power supply and switch off the router by pressing the black power button on the back of the router. Leave both of them off for 5-10 seconds and then plug the POE adapter back into the power socket and switch on the router by pressing the black power button again. Please allow up to 2 minutes for devices to fully restart. Restart your pc/laptop/tablet and try connecting to the internet.
  7. Ensure wifi is switched on – some laptops have a switch or key that has to be turned on for wifi to connect. All mobiles and tablets have wireless settings which need to be turned on for the wifi to work. Ensure flight mode is switched off because if this is on the device will not be able to connect.

If you still can’t connect after trying all of these steps, please call our customer support on 061 512000 or email support@bbnet.ie.

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Check your connections !

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